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Mission: 2.4 in 2024

Boosting the U.S. Labor Force Participation Rate to its Pre-Pandemic Level, Bringing 2.4 Million People into the Workforce

March 7, 2024

Update: As of April 5, 2024, the Labor Force Participation Rate Has Climbed from 62.5% to 62.7%, and 478,000 Jobs Have Been Added

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The Mission

Edge of Bliss is excited to announce the launch of Mission: 2.4 in 2024, an ambitious initiative focused on boosting the U.S. labor force participation rate. By aiming to bring an additional 2.4 million people into the workforce by the end of 2024, we are set to bridge the current gap between job seekers and the 8.5 million open positions nationwide, while supporting greater economic growth.

The Challenge

Despite an abundance of job openings nationwide, a staggering 5.6 million individuals remain outside the workforce, desiring employment, alongside 6.5 million unemployed Americans. This discrepancy highlights a critical disconnect in the job market: a vast pool of untapped potential sidelined by traditional hiring practices that often overlook the rich, diverse capabilities of our workforce.

Our Solution

Mission: 2.4 in 2024 champions an innovative, non-traditional approach to employment — skills-based hiring. This initiative focuses on the inherent skills and potential of individuals rather than traditional career paths or academic credentials. By doing so, we aim to unlock new opportunities for career changers, reentrants to the job market, and many others who possess valuable skills yet remain overlooked.

How it Works

For Job Seekers: Edge of Bliss provides resources, tools, and support to assist you in identifying your transferable skills, navigating the complexities of the job market, and connecting with employers who value what you bring to the table.

For Employers: We offer access to a diverse and skilled talent pool ready to bring fresh perspectives and innovation to your organization. Join us in embracing skills-based hiring and discover candidates who can propel your business forward.

Join the Mission

Are you ready to be a part of the movement reshaping America’s job market? Whether you’re seeking employment, looking to hire, or simply want to support our cause, there’s a place for you in Mission: 2.4 in 2024. Sign up today to start making a difference.

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The Jobs-Workers Gap

There are currently 2 million more jobs than there are people looking for them. That is a significant labor shortage, unless we get creative.

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Projected 2024 Growth in GDP Requires Workers

The lastest forecast by the National Association for Economics is for a solid 2.2% increase in GDP this year. That’s doable, but the labor market will have to do its part.

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The Importance of Skills-Based Hiring

Meeting ongoing hiring needs will likely require a shift away from traditional experience-based hiring.

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More Than an Initiative

This is a movement to transform the job market into a more prosperous future for millions of potential workers and tens of thousands of employers.

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A Catalyst for Change

Edge of Bliss is not just a platform; our mission is to dismantle the barriers to employment for millions, while helping businesses grow.

“Skills are like the currency of the workforce today.”

Daniel Roth

Editor in Chief, VP, LinkedIn

Who Are the Potential Hires?

Job Market Reentrant

5.6 Million Entrants/Reentrants

Individuals not currently in the labor force who want jobs.

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6.5 Million Unemployed

These are people without jobs who have been actively looking for them.

Post in Resume Content

1.6 Million Marginally Attached

Those who wanted and are available for work, but had not looked for a job in the past four weeks.

Job Market Reentrant

35 Million More Possibilities

That’s the approximate number of working-age people not currently in the labor force who are neither retired nor unable to work.

Job Market Reentrant

We Can Reach These People

With targeted messaging to the right demographics.

How is This Done?

Job Market Reentrant

Transferable Skills

Focus on transferable skills, rather than specific experience.

Skills-Based Job Postings

Skills-Based Job Postings

Be clear, yet open. Write your job descriptions to invite people in from the sidelines.

Skills-Based Resume

Skills-Based Resumes

We focus on the skills-based, “functional” resume format.

Align Skills with Opportunities

Align Skills with Opportunities

As opposed to aligning experience with opportunities.

The Job Market is Ready

3.9% Unemployment

Persistently and historically low.

8.5 Million Open Jobs

Nearly twice the 20-year average.

1.3 Open Jobs Per Unemployed Person

That’s 2 million more jobs than people looking for them.

Job Market Entrants/Reentrants

5.6 million not currently in the labor force who want jobs.

Over Half Want a Career Change

58% of all workers are actively seeking a career change.


Employers Willing to Hire

70% of all employers are willing to hire and train career changers.


Jobs data taken from the most recent U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Job Openings and Labor Turnover Summary (JOLTS), dated 5/1/24, and Employment Situation Summary, dated 5/3/24.

In Furtherance of Mission: 2.4 in 2024

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