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Mar 22, 2023


Ever feel like you’re getting fed a line of “you know what” to get you to send in your resume or contact a company, only to find out that the opportunity is nothing close to what you expected? Below you’ll find everything you need to know to see if Mammoth is right for you, and if you’re right for us.

We’ve cracked the code to success in the construction sales industry evidenced by our sales, our sales reps’ income and our trajectory.

Secret Sales Systems : The Mammoth Method is our proprietary roofing sales system and tools that our sales reps use to generate six figures in their first year. Don’t worry, we can back it up, 60% of our current sales staff have earned over 100k in a year since they’ve been here.

How we get leads : Roofing sales jobs get a “bad rap” because usually your only source of leads is knocking on residential doors…what a whip. We train how to get leads from 4 sources and create residual income and “build a business.” We are working on a franchise program as a “next level” opportunity for our managers.

Leads Provided : Best of all, we provide leads because we are marketing monsters. Our CEO wrote the coveted e-book, “How to Sell 1MM in Roofing In Your First Year in Roofing.” We use Radio, TV, Podcasts, Social, and Community Outreach which all contribute to “lay down” deals for our team.

Fastest growing, ground floor opportunity : Started in 2018, our CEO was our only salesperson. We have done 28 million since then, and we are going nationwide. We just got licensed in Florida, can you travel for a while?

Roof Sales Experience is good, not required : We don’t care if you have sold roofs before, although we love finding people who are tired of mediocre companies with no future for them. We don’t care if you have sales experience. You need to be able to connect with people, and perform at a high level

Easy Sale if you can Sell : We are everywhere, look us up. Hundreds of 5 star reviews. Best reputation, Best guarantee, Best marketing, Best Resources (Company Paid Ipad, and all the goodies you’d expect from an awesome sales org like uniforms, printed materials, digital sales tools, CRM, high tech prospect tracking, and more). Wide open markets , 3 offices and expanding fast.

Industry Leading Training – How else do you think industry newbies are making $100,000 their first year? Shhhhh, the secret sauce to our success is our training and our hiring process. We only hire energetic, self-motivated, high-integrity men and women with grit, drive, and ambition. Selling roofs isn’t sexy, but the “proof is in the pudding,” when it comes to the money you can make.We want people who can lead and run teams.

The Skinny:

  • Training : PC Training : $750 – $1150 / Week + $500 bonus for leads you set and we close

  • Schedule for Training : is 30-60 days depending on how long it takes you to learn the “skills to pay the bills.” Mid-morning until early evening. Generally 9-6. You’ll prospect Saturday when you first start. If you need a day or two off during training on a weekend, let us know during the hiring process. Examples are kids’ baseball, volleyball, a wedding etc. We’re real people too.

  • Schedule for Full Time PC Once You Graduate Mammoth University : If you’re performing, we don’t really care except for meetings. Two meetings a week and weekly leadership training. Generally our PCs use their day time to build their residual business, then they market directly in the field to homeowners and business owners in the afternoon and early evening.

  • The Money : PC Full Time : 9% – %15 of gross sales starting including bonuses

  • Bonuses : Profit, recruiting, reviews, contests , company events, company trip

  • Benefits : Health and Dental 100% paid by Mammoth

  • The Big Party : “End of the Season” Company Trip for Top Performers and their “significant others” (Mammoth Monsters)

Skills that Pay the Bills

  • Build Quick Rapport : The Project Consultant is able to build rapport quickly. You should be pleasant to be around.

  • People People : You should like people in general. We want “people” people.

  • “Gift of Gab” Helps : The “gift of gab” helps, but you do not have to be “salesy.” If you’re honest and can express yourself and explain things clearly, you’ll do well

  • Let’s Get Physical : You don’t have to be “in shape,” but you need to be able to carry a ladder, get on roofs, and not get tired too easily.

  • Confidence :. You don’t have to be “confident” selling roofs, but you generally need to believe in yourself.

  • Be Organized : Well.. sort of. Salespeople generally are not that organized. We know. We are salespeople too. But you have to have consistent follow up just like with any sales role. We give you the cadence and systems to help you out.

  • Goals are Gold : Set goals and execute the plant to achieve them. We’ll give you the road map, you have to put gas in the engine.

  • Whatever it Takes : It’s about priority. Do you want to make big money or not? Maybe “big money” for you is 60k. Maybe it’s 100k. Maybe it’s 200k. Maybe it’s 369k. If you haven’t made whatever it is you want to make before, the question becomes, are you willing to change your output? Your “learned” skills? Your mindset? We can teach you to make multiple six figures selling roofs, the question is , are you willing to do what it takes to be successful? (within the confines of your moral compass of course)

If you can manage multiple projects, make deadlines, and deliver a winning attitude… Your next step is to send your resume to Renee, our Recruiting Director or call and ask for Renee in our HR Department at 833-272-JOBS (5627). Good luck!

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