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Taos Ski Valley, Inc.

Our “Parking Shuttle Drivers” operate our parking lot shuttles which are a combination of generally a one ton flat bed truck with a goose-neck open air shuttle trailer between 30 and 40 feet in length. Parking lot travel speeds are generally between 5 and 15 miles per hour at most. Shuttle drivers pick up a mixture of guests and employees depending upon time of day and assignments. Drivers service up to eight parking areas. Drivers are also often called upon to assist with other parking department tasks such as parking vehicles, controlling the pickup and drop off area, providing breaks or snow removal.

“Parking Attendant” duties include safely and efficiently accommodating the arrival, directing and parking of guests in a friendly and welcoming manner. Parking Shuttle Drivers are the next step to getting our guests to the mountain also in a safe, welcoming, friendly, informative and efficient manner. Each shuttle is equipped with a public address system to inform guests about the lots that they’ve been picked up from, parking shuttle operating times, mountain conditions and locations for ticket acquisitions.

This job description is intended to be a broad description of duties. You will be asked to carry out all responsibilities in accordance with the organization’s policies and applicable laws. Specific information on duties and policies can be found with your supervisor or in the Employee Reference Guide. Reasonable accommodation may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential job functions.

Essential Job Responsibilities:

  • Operate parking shuttles to transport guests and employees to and from Taos Ski Valley, Incorporated parking lots to the resort center pickup and drop-off area
  • Operate parking shuttles in a safe and efficient manner
  • May have to apply and remove snow chains to shuttle trucks
  • Operate public address system on shuttle trucks to welcome and inform guests
  • Assist in vehicle maintenance and fueling including checking tire pressure on trucks and trailers and monitoring engine fluid levels
  • Provide open parking space counts as parking nears equilibrium

Other Job Responsibilities May Include:

  • Directs arriving guests to appropriate parking lots and/or arrival locations
  • Answers guests’ questions in a friendly and efficient manner
  • Controls parking flow within specific parking lots
  • Efficiently park vehicles within specific lots
  • Directs guests to parking lot shuttles, ticket office and lifts
  • Facilitates smooth flow of traffic into parking lots following established parking patterns
  • Coordinates with parking team to meet parking team objectives as listed above
  • Assists with snow removal, snow preparation and parking setup activities
  • Assists with installing and removing snow chains from parking lot shuttles and support vehicles
  • Reliable attendance on all scheduled workdays
  • Other duties as assigned

Personal Skills:

  • Excellent driving skills especially with regard to pedestrian awareness and operating in high alpine winter driving conditions which obviously include snow and ice
  • An extreme “defensive” driving mindset, excellent situational awareness and strong focus as is necessary to operate in our large parking lots filled with other vehicles, pedestrians and heavy snow removal equipment
  • Eagerness to accommodate, direct and inform guests in a welcoming and professional manner
  • Effective verbal communication skills to welcome guests, direct guests and inform guests
  • Effective non-verbal communication skills including learning basic hand and arm gestures to direct drivers and traffic for the purposes of guiding traffic flow to various parking lots then specific vehicles into parking spaces
  • Physical ability to stand and remain on foot while parking process is in progress if assigned a parking function or to the pickup drop-off areas
  • Weather condition awareness for the purposes of adapting to winter weather conditions through proper knowledge and use of clothing and protective winter gear
  • Physical ability to assist with snow removal and preparation efforts
  • Strong personal character and commitment to Taos Ski Valley, Inc.’s Vision, Purpose, and Values
  • Ability to gracefully and humbly accept criticism and opportunities for growth
  • Ability to stay positive, focused, and constructive when faced with setbacks, challenges, and while working in an ever-changing environment
  • Provides a guest experience that exceeds the guest’s expectations


  • Drivers must be a minimum of 25 years of age to meet Taos Ski Valley, Incorporated insurance requirements
  • Drivers must possess a current New Mexico driver’s license or valid out-of-state license that will be transferred to New Mexico to meet resident requirements if necessary
  • Drivers must pass a driver’s license background check
  • Applicants need to have received a high school diploma or equivalent
  • No experience is required. Training is provided. However, a strong willingness to learn and remain focused is a must
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule including weekends, holidays, and evenings

Work Environment:

The Parking Department is an outdoor team. It’s also a physical team, remaining on foot or engaged in other physical activities for much of any work day. Appropriate bathroom, snack, warmup breaks and lunch breaks are of course a must to the team’s long-term function.

The parking shuttle environment can obviously be challenging for a number of reasons. First, we operate in a high alpine winter environment which includes snow and ice. Parking shuttle trucks are equipped with four wheel drive, trailer braking systems, and snow chains when applicable. Parking shuttle speeds are generally kept within the 10 mile per hour speed limit for the parking lots. Training will be provided for the backing of shuttle trailers which can be a challenge.

Parking Shuttle Drivers are often the most appreciated Parking Department personnel especially at the end of the day for our guests. There are lots of “thank you’s” and smiles.

The Parking Department and team is a great place to make entry into the world of the Taos Ski Valley and the ski industry. It can be a great potential combination of work and play.

Taos Ski Valley, Inc. is often a fast-paced work environment, especially during Holiday and Peak days. TSVI is located in a high-altitude alpine environment. Position may require travel on uneven, snow-packed, or icy terrain and may be exposed to wet, cold, and/or humid conditions. Must be able to work in close quarters and with other staff.

Physical Demands of Position Include:

Parking Shuttle Drivers, generally, are not on foot as much as other Parking Department personnel. Many days, Parking Shuttle Drivers simply drive. During busy times and times when the team is shorthanded, Parking Shuttle Drivers may be asked to support other Parking Department functions. During storm and snow cycles, Parking Shuttle Drivers need to be prepared to remove ice from windshields and snow from the rest of the trucks and shuttle trailers. Drivers need to be prepared to apply snow chains although assistance is usually available for this process.

Background Check:

Positions dealing with children, of safety-sensitive and/or confidential nature, require driving or positions that handle cash may require a background check and MVR check. Employment is contingent upon a favorable background check and MVR check.

  • Is a Background Check required for this position: Yes
  • Is an MVR required for this position: Yes

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