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Statement of the Job

The District Manager is responsible for maximizing the operational efficiency of all HOP Shops convenience store, ensuring compliance to company policies and procedures by Store Managers, and maintaining a safe, pleasant environment for his/her Team and Customers. The District Manager is expected to provide Leadership to his/her Managers so that the store’s performance excels!

The District Manager reports to the Director of Store Operations.

Essential Functions

Recruits, tests, does reference checks, interviews, and hires Store Managers, with input from the Human Resource Department. Director of Operations makes the final decision.

Deals with human resource issues, daily bookkeeping, cash and inventory variances, and follows proper ordering and merchandising techniques and strategies. Also investigates all large cash and inventory variances and ensures that each Manager is fully aware of all security issues and follows procedures to protect first, all Team Members and Customers and secondly, company property.

Reviews with the Director of Operations the financial and operating performance of their store, and ensures all policies, procedures, programs and strategies for retail operations, marketing and merchandising are followed and promoted.

Trains and coaches all Store Managers on how best to perform their duties. Does performance evaluations on Store Managers in a timely manner.

Fills in for Store Managers, in their absence, when there is no Store Manager in the position to do so. Manage ATM when the Manager is on Vacation or absent.

In conjunction with the Director of Store Operations, works with vendors to secure the most beneficial relationship for the company relative to prices, rebates, quality products and services and ensures that all Store Managers follow proper vendor check-in procedures.

Ensures that all electronic equipment is properly programmed and maintained for proper operation and verifies that all Store Managers are fully trained in their use.

Back up to Manager to ensure that all stores are properly maintained, clean and well lit.

Back up to Manager to ensure that all stores are properly maintained, clean and well lit.

Specific Job Functions

BACKUP the Store Managers

Make sure store is properly stocked and not overstocked and determine merchandising techniques to be used by store to obtain maximum customer satisfaction and profitability

Verify product type and quantity delivered by each vendor / salesperson and ensure all Managers consistently follow all vendor check-in policies and procedures

Spot check paperwork to verify accuracy of billing invoices, item costs, credits, allowances, etc.

Review financial statements to determine the current position of the store and its level of profitability

Prevent, investigate or recover losses from faulty credit cards or returned customer checks, including but not limited to court attendance

Control expenses

Keep building, grounds, equipment and fixtures clean and in good condition

Prevent losses due to spoilage, damage, theft and poor housekeeping

Back up the Store Managers in Developing Good Customer Relationships

Maintain a clean, friendly, interesting store

Provide prompt, courteous service for all customers

Handle customer complaints promptly and fairly

Maintain customer Want list and respond quickly to customers’ changing wants/needs

Participate in neighborhood/community activities

Performance Measurements for District Manager

Check and Backup Store Managers on Financials

Sales Trend – current year vs. previous year and vs. Budget

Inventory Control

Gross Profit

Cash overages and shortages within limits

Payroll and other expenses in line with goals

Bad check and credit card losses minimized

Backup on Personnel Management

All Managers trained and complying with company policies and procedures

Employee turnover rate within acceptable limits

Help to ensure Overtime minimized at the stores

All personnel consistently in company approved uniform with name tag

Store Conditions

Monthly Safety Inspections/Checklists

Store clean and orderly

All lights inside and outside the store and in and around fixtures in working order

All shelves well stocked, dusted and faced

All products fresh and appetizing

New and seasonal items in stock

Seasonal decorations utilized

Coolers and back room work areas clean and organized

Parking lot well lit and clean

Backup to Store Managers in Customer Service

Customer orders processed quickly and accurately by pleasant Team Members and/or Management Personnel

Customer complaints handled promptly, fairly and pleasantly

Good rapport with all customers

Review Profit and Loss Reports with Director of Store Operations

Make sure Stores are within Budget

Train Managers on all new programs

Weekly Visits to stores and review P& L, Budgets, Staffing, Safety, and HR items.


-Be able to communicate effectively in English, both in writing and verbally, and able to perform mathematical calculations at the twelfth-grade level;

-Business area degree or background preferred, high school diploma required. Rudimentary knowledge of basic accounting principles will be taken into strong consideration;

-Retail management experience strongly desired.

-Must have a valid drivers license, with regular and dependable transportation;

-Be able to perform certain duties from time to time and as may be necessary to instruct, conduct and maintain convenience store business, including some manual labor.


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