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Description:Connecting People with Organizations that Share Similar Purpose

As a staffing firm, TalentBridge understands success begins with personal connections that bloom into long-term relationships. When it comes to our business development, the goal is to fully understand our clients’ values, vison, and mission so that we can connect these companies with candidates whose values and motivations are aligned.

Our passion is connecting people with their purpose, and companies with not just talent but the right talent.

What You’ll Experience: First 90 days

In this role, the employee will go through an extensive 90-day world class business development and talent acquisition Foundations Training to establish building blocks that will lead to a successful sales career at TalentBridge. This 90-day educational experience will allow anyone who has been interested in sales to learn HOW to be successful and MAINTAIN that success (both financially and professionally).

You are not just a number at TalentBridge, and this model we put our entry-level staff through proves that.

Below are some examples of what an employee will experience in the Foundations Training

  • The employee will participate in a mentorship program which involves being assigned to a designated top performer in the company as their mentor. The Mentor will provide both personal and professional development support that will go past the 90-day Foundations Training period.
  • Learn internal processes and procedures of the role through different learning methods such as classroom style training, group activity learning, training in the field, and more.
  • In field shadowing of client relationship building with mentor or leader that may consist of in-office meetings on the client site or attending networking events such as sporting events, community events, social outings etc.
  • Extensive workshop-based curriculum around the art of building and maintaining healthy business and candidate relationships.
  • Consistent professional development will be done for the employee and delivered by coaching, resource exposure, activities, external trainings, and more.

What You’ll Experience: After 90 days

Once the employee has graduated from the Foundations Training, they will move into the Business Development Manager role accompanied with a Sales specific Mentorship Program.

What You’ll Do in Business Development Manager Role: Responsibilities

Business Opportunities that Ensure Year-Over-Year Growth

  • Develops a comprehensive business development plan that identifies and prioritizes the most attractive opportunities to leverage current and emerging company capabilities in various markets and industries.
  • Drives acquisition of new clients and increases traction of existing client base to significantly grow revenue through direct consultative selling efforts with a focus on selling integrated product solutions to senior-level leaders.
  • Participates in various exhibitions, conferences and conventions.

High Value Relationships that Facilitate Achievement of Enterprise Goals

  • Establishes strong working relationships with internal stakeholders and key customers to ensure timely responses to contract inquiries, quick turn around on bids, and smooth contract implementation.
  • Maintains a strong network of industry contacts in multiple functions; continually seeks competitive intelligence. Actively participates in relevant industry meetings and conferences.
  • Creates visibility for TalentBridge and positions the company as a great business partner. Continually seeks new opportunities.

Meaningful Contributions to Business Planning & Execution

  • Participates in developing and implementing a business plan that supports the organization’s vision and goals; translates the strategic plan to staff to ensure support; and modifies the plan in response to changing internal and external factors.

Achieving Client Service Delivery Objectives


What You’ll Need: Qualifications

Education: An Associate degree is required. Bachelor’s Degree or higher in business, professional services, entrepreneurship, communications or related field preferred.

Experience: At least two years of experience working in a customer service driven role. Examples include restaurants or retail.


  • Exceptional relationship management skills.
  • A fast-paced and success motivated individual.
  • Ability to be a contributing member of a team while also establishing individual success.
  • Hungry to set goals and achieve those goals.
  • Independent critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills.
  • Proficient or easy to pick up on in Microsoft Suite tools (e.g. Microsoft Teams, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Word)


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